Patcham United FC has grown in size from its humble beginnings some Twenty One years ago. The Club was formed in around 1992, by local Parents, when 2 teams were formed mainly based from boys involved with the 44th Brighton Cub / Scouts. The club, then running 3 teams, and a very low key small committee, were taking part in the Sussex Sunday Youth league, but later moved to the Mid Sussex Youth league.


The realisation for parents was that the club needed to rebuild, and in liaison with Patcham High School, a major Soccer School took place, over Easter, to recruit new members. It was so successful, that the club began to build from Under 8’s upwards, and within 2 years had sides covering all age groups. We now have seventeen teams and are actively trying to create more all girl teams to further the club and its development.


Our current committee members here at Patcham United FC are committed to the further development of the club and to ensure the safety and well being of our players and coaching staff at all times.


We have a fantasic club that has evolved over the years and our passion is to give young people a chance to make new friends while sharing their passion for the beautiful game. This club is an integral part of our community and has developed into a regular part of our members’ lives!